The Ocicat is a medium to large, clear spotted cat. The overall impression of the animal is muscular and well proportioned. She has a strong body, fairly long, deep and broad-built, but never clumsy acting. It works through a well-developed bone structure, strong muscles, athletic. A deep chest with slightly arched ribs, a to the hind legs slightly back line, almost straight flanks and mid-long, powerful legs with oval paws emphasize this phenomenon. The tail is long, medium slender, slightly acuminate..


The head in a modified wedge shape with a slight curve from muzzle to the cheeks, with a noticeable but gentle rise from bridge of the nose to the eyebrows. The nose is broad and emphasizes slightly rectangular, in the profile of good length. Strong chin with a fixed jaw. Light hint of Pinch. Male cats with some more pool.


Shape : alert, moderately large when present ear tufts extending vertically from the tips of the ears are a bonus

Placement: set so as to corner the upper, outside dimensions of the head if an imaginary horizontal line is drawn across the brow the ears should be set at a 45° angle, i.e. neither too high nor too low


Shape : The eyes are large and almond shaped. The distance between the eyes is bigger than an eye width.

Colors : All colors except blue are allowed.


Structure : short, smooth and satiny in texture with a lustrous sheen; tight, close lying and sleek, yet long enough to accommodate the necessary bands of colour there should be no suggestion of woolliness and length

Color : all colours should be clear and pleasing the lightest colour is usually found on the face around the eyes, on the chin and lower jaw the darkest colour is found on the tip of the tail to decide the correct coat colour, the colour of the tail tip is binding contrast is scored separately ticking: all hairs except the tip of the tail are banded within the markings hairs are tipped with a darker colour, while hairs in the ground colour are tipped with a lighter colour markings: distinctive markings should be clearly seen from any orientation those on the face, legs and tail may be darker than those on the torso ground colour may be darker on the saddle and lighter on the underside, chin and lower jaw penalties should be given if spotting is faint and blurred, though it must be remembered that pale colour varieties will show less contrast than darker ones.


blue eyes and white anywhere other than around the eyes, nostrils, chin and upper throat - except white agouti ground in silvered colour varieties