About us

We are a small cattery in the Rhineland, near Dusseldorf.

We breed Ocicats, because we fell totally in love in this cat race.
Ocicats are attentive, loving, fit harmoniously into the family life. They are lively but not fussy.

Two years ago we visited a cat show out of pure curiosity. Among the 500 exhibited various breeds of cats, we immediately fell in love into the single Ocicat cat of a Danish breeder. Meanwhile, this breeder is our friend and the decision to breed Ocicats, was a good decision.

Our goals are:

  • to raise the kitten up appropriate to the species
  • to increase the awareness of the Ocicats
  • no mass breeding
  • to breed healthy cats according to the FiFe standards

Our pets live with us in the family and "prevail" over the house and garden. They grow up in a natural environment and can sharpen their innate instincts and desire. The garden, we have leak-proof redesigned so that they can romp around, and sometimes even catch one or the other mice .